Announcing the New BioCyc RNA-Seq Data Analysis Service

BioCyc is launching a new consulting service to assist scientists in analyzing RNA-Seq data. 

We can aid you in analyzing data in hand, or help you devise an analysis plan when writing a proposal.

BioCyc staff will provide fast, reliable, and comprehensive analysis of your RNA-Seq data using a series of standard bioinformatics tools, and using omics analysis tools that are unique to BioCyc.  The analysis service will free you from the headaches of installing and learning complicated bioinformatics tools, and of translating between myriad data formats.


The analyses will include:

Results will be communicated through a final report, one or more private BioCyc SmartTables, and a debrief teleconference.

To schedule a phone evaluation of your project and obtain a price quote, please contact us at